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Top 7 Flaws Revealed by Home Inspections

1. Poor landscape surface grading and drainage.
On of the most frequently occurring problem in Wisconsin homes, poor grading can be responsible for a number of problems including cracking and leaking basements and foundations. Unfortunately, this problem doesn't just limit it's effects to the basement—Leaking water can contribute to mold buildup, and cracked foundations can undermine the structural integrity of the whole building.

2. Poor and Outdated Electrical Wiring.
Builders of older homes simply couldn't anticipate the future electrical needs of the coming decades. Common flaws in this area include insufficient electrical provisions, undersized wiring, outdated and amateur wiring, and poor or non–existent overload protection and grounding.

3. Older and damaged Roofing.
Homeowners commonly ignore minor roof damage such as damaged tiles, shingles or flashings. Over time, these minor maladies can lead to some rather costly repairs.

4. Deficient heating and cooling systems.
Outdated furnaces, poorly maintained air conditioning units and blocked or cracked chimneys and flues and filthy air vents... Not just the cause of exorbitant heating and cooling bills, these flaws can cause health and safety hazards. Though these systems should be serviced and maintained yearly, many homeowners overlook the added expense (and their safety).

5. Plumbing issues.
Aging piping, flawed and leaky fixtures and improper or deteriorating hot water heater hookups are common problems and can adversely impact the salability of a property.

6. Poor Overall Maintenance.
Caught somewhere between procrastinators and not so capable do–it–yourselfers, this is the most commonly flawed category for home inspections. Cracked and peeling paint, disintegrating masonry, bad wiring, poor plumbing, ailing appliances—these all reflect the overall care that the home has been given.

7. Inadequate ventilation.
In an effort to conserve energy, many home owners have inadvertently 'over–sealed' their homes and attics. Many homeowners are unaware that inadequate attic ventilation can actually lead to higher cooling costs, as well as moisture buildup. Un–vented kitchens and bathrooms can lead to damaged plaster and dry wall, as well as contribute to mold growth and increased allergies.