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We proudly serve Southeast Wisconsin.

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Remodel or sell?

Before you begin an extensive (and expensive) remodeling project, you may want to consider if remodeling is the best financial option for you. The following questionnaire has helped many people see remodeling in a new perspective.

How far “off” is your present house from the one you would like to live in?
A little–5
A lot–1

What are the property values doing in your neighborhood?
Staying the same–3

What are property conditions doing in your neighborhood?
Getting better–5
Staying the same–3

How long will you get useful life out of any potential remodeling?
10+ Years–5
3-10 Years–3
Less than 3 Years–1

In relation to your house, the other homes in the neighborhood are:

Analyzing your scores
18-25 points: Remodeling may be a good consideration. Continue down this page.
10-17 points: Either option may work for you. Take other factors (your budget, your job stability, etc.) into consideration.
Under 10 points: Moving may be your best option.